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About Pageant

Mrs. GLOBAL - God’s Own Country

A  pursuit for global endorsement of Kerala is going to happen this year, the world will experience an alluring quest for the deserved one, who will be identified for her impeccable ability to strike a balance between the age old culture and traditions and the modern and meaningful contemporary outlook of  Kerala.

 Mrs. Global god’s own country, the beauty pageant is proposed to be conducted at Kochi, the nerve center of Kerala, undoubtedly with an unparalleled exposure.

Kochi, the queen of Arabian Sea will be the venue for this stunning event where women flaunt their beauty and brawn. Espanio event strives to go beyond beauty pageant by depicting the quintessence of the malayalee women.

God’s own country, Kerala has an unique heritage and culture which gives the women of Kerala their due respect. Mrs. Global is an effort  to divulge  the abundance of hidden talents of the women of Kerala or of Kerala origin while keeping in mind the modest moral values of Kerala.

The concept of Mrs. Global is to celebrate the women of Kerala or Kerala origin be them married, previously married, entrepreneurs or housewives through a series of rounds where they will be measured on their simplicity beauty, articulation, grace, pleasantness, likableness, cheerfulness, elegance, and fineness.


Backed by seasoned professionals, gifted creative heads and a youthful team,Espanio has fallen in love with innovation Events with a signature of its own. Ezpanio has made its entry in to the event horizon of Kerala in a grand way with many large scale Exhibition, impressive Fashion & Beauty Pageants, Wedding Events, Splendid stage show, Outstanding Launching Ceremonies, Prestigious TV Shows & Pompous Award Nights. We have stamped our own footprints in the industry that is still untraced and unmatched.

Offering 10 years of in-depth and innovative experience in the field of Events & Corporate Entertainment, we have got all the expertise under one roof needed to make any event a grand success. From conception to completion, each project is treated with the same high standard of service and quality, irrespective of its size



      • MACTA PRANAMASANDYA at Gokulam Convention Centre, Kochi February 5 th, 2017
      • Ritz Icon Award at Le Méridien, Kochi December 20th , 2016
      • Kerala Fashion League Season 4 at Crowne Plaza, Kochi  November 23rd, 2016
      • Red FM Malayalam Musical Award at Adlux Convention Centre, Karukutty on Sept 03,    2016
      • Formz ERA Launching ceremony at manjeri  October 2016
      • Adipoli India Pvt. Ltd Launching Ceremony on Sept 01at Crowne Plaza,2016.
      • Kerala Fashion League Season 3 at Crowne Plaza Kochi on March 03, 2016
      • T V Chandran Chalachitra Saparyayude Naalu Dhasakangal at Sarovaram Hotel Cochin
        on Sunday, December 13th, 2015
      • Kerala Fashion League Season 2 at Crowne Plaza Kochi on May 27, 2015
      • Launch Show of Kerala Fashion League in January  at Crowne Plaza, 2015
      • Gurupournami – A musical tribute to the maestros of Malayalam Music World, 2015
      • Wintoch Palm meadows Residency Launching Ceremony at Kasergod 2015


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