A race for beauty and brilliance is going to happen this year at a global platform which is titled as Mrs.Global.  The world will experience an alluring quest for the deserved one, who will be identified for her impeccable ability to strike a balance between beauty and brilliance. Mrs.Global, the beauty pageant is proposed to be conducted at various plush locations in India and abroad. It’s Espanio events that strives hard to make this beauty pageant a globally recognized and approved event for all married Indian women from across the globe. Mrs.Global is an effort to divulge the abundance of hidden talents of married women giving respect to motherhood. The concept of Mrs.Global is to celebrate the womanhood at an international arena, be them married, previously married, entrepreneurs or housewives; through a series of rounds where they will be measured on their simplicity, beauty, articulation, grace, pleasantness, likableness, cheerfulness, elegance, and fineness.

The mileage and the fame that Espanio has received after the successful completion of Mrs.Global season 1, 2017 were immense and overwhelming. This positive and cheering support from every nook and cranny in the society makes Espanio step ahead with new seasons of Mrs.Global. The concept of “Mrs.Global” is to celebrate the womanhood after marriage for sure. Yes, this beauty pageant is envisaged for all married Indian women from across the globe irrespective of their professions and they all will be evaluated through a series of rounds based on their Simplicity, Beauty, Articulation, Grace, Pleasantness, Likability, Cheerfulness, Elegance and Fineness. It’s a fact that even a small event of masterpiece generates ripples across the globe, irrespective of its place of origin as the globe is available in our gadgets anytime and anywhere. In short, a hundred ways are very much accessible in our times to reach fame and “Mrs.Global” is one amongst those hundred ways exclusively for women.



Managing Director.
A visionary who perceives ahead of times and strives hard to maintain values in business has contributed a vital part in the formation of three diverse ventures in the advertising and entertainment industries. He has excelled in diverse activities in his spheres of concern that helped him to make escalation in business a reality towards the heights of distinction and prestige where creativity never ends. He initiated train branding and railway advertising in Kerala for the first time which turned a major medium of advertising, nowadays. Mr. Anwar, who was an active film personality behind the camera long ago, never gave up his aesthetic traits as he still pursues creative innovations.